Friday, 19 October 2018

Girls: We Can Also Do It!

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Imagine how much more advanced the society would be if women who comprise half  the world's brain power, were socially and intellectually enfranchised from the beginning of Civilization.- Prince Ponfa Miri

To the girl child, you're stronger than you think.

The Bible states clearly that God created the woman(female) to be a helper to man (male). Come to think of it, who's actually stronger? The woman (helper)  or the man (helped). I'll leave that for you to ponder on but have this in mind, one who helps is stronger than the one helped.

Just because they say it's a  world ruled by men that doesn't mean we can't aim to rule the world. Anyways I believe that will happen.

I frown at the way girls are being raped day in day out; girls as young as 3years, thereby crashing their self-esteem. I frown at how girls are denied involvement in conversations that determine their future.
I frown at the fact that girls are not allowed to talk in some meetings, they just sit to listen because they are "female" and cannot contribute. I frown when the society sees victims of sexual assault as normal or when the society fixate in the mind of young girls that no matter what they do they'll still end up in the kitchen.
I frown at some parents who believe and instill in their girls that they have nothing to offer to the society. I frown at practices where during certain times girls are not to be shook or hugged. I frown at the many other ills against the girl child.

From all these and more, I can tell you that it all falls back to the mindset. The mindset of; the society, our parents, our male counterparts and the girl child.

One of my SMART goals  is to change this narrative; change this wrong mindset. The mindset that's eating deep into the fabrics of the society. The mindset  that keeps the girl child at number 2 always. The mindset that girls are not worthy of certain positions in the society. The mindset that the girl child is meant to end up in the kitchen. The mindset that girls abused cannot participate actively in societal development; the stigmatization.

To the girls who have lost faith in themselves because of what the society have made them believe about themselves,  I'm boldly saying you're strong, you can make a difference!

To the girls who've been faced with many challenges or issues and have not backed out or given up on life, keep the faith alive!

To all the ladies inspiring and innovating all over the world, keep soaring!

To the parents who at every moment tend to remind their girls always that the kitchen is their place; your daughters can go beyond the kitchen.

To the society that has instilled the mindset of mediocrity to the girl child; it's high time the narrative is rewritten.

To our male counterparts, there is a competition coming up.

When you train a woman you train a nation.

I'm a girl
I'm strong
I can achieve anything I want to achieve, I just have to believe.
It's not a mistake I was born a girl, I'm happy and proud.

Okoko Patricia writes from Jos, Nigeria!

** In commemoration of Johnstone's blog associate editor's ( Okoko Patricia) birthday!
We at the blog celebrate and appreciate your sacrifices! Happy Birthday Ma'am.

Thursday, 11 October 2018

Mindset: The Principle of Effective Living!

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Hy! Let's take a break from ' Peace! Panic! Prayer!!! ' I felt an urgency to share with you some of the things I've learnt from Apostle Joshua Selman.
This weekend I pray that your ideology will take a positive shape.

" As a man thinketh, so is he "
Apostle Joshua Selman teaches that " mindset is a pattern of thinking based on an information".
Our mindsets are so powerful that they are inlets and outlets in the spirit realm; it'll amaze you to learn that ' a physical and spiritual climate of a territory is a reflection of the mindset of the people or person therein".
Somehow, " God has no limit in his dealings with man; but he is limited by man's thought patterns". From this reflection we will realise  that all men are not " equal " because our quality and relevance is determined by our ideology(ies). So, no matter how anointed you are; if your mindset is not of Christ, your Christian life will be barren.
What do our mindset do?;
* Our mindset is the principal motivator of our response to life issues
* Our mindset also sponsors our interpretations to life's event
Let's not forget that our life revolves around the quality of our ideology(ies). So we are helplessly a slave of our ideology(ies).
Our mindset should be that of Christ, because if you want to live effectively you must realise that life is not just a gift but a trust as well.
According to Apostle Selman, mindsets are formed via;
• Culture
• Level of exposure
• Association
• Family background
• Past experiences
• Failures and limitations
Hmmmmm... How is your climate like? Recognise and admit your mindset. Fight your mindset if your climate is not what reflects God desire for you.
God said, " bear much fruits that will last ".

Replace the information you've been feeding on with the right one. Even as you walk on your path to success, always remember that failure and set backs are inevitable.(See James 1:2-3).
"... wisdom is justified by her children",         
 you can't claim you have a right mindset because time will reveal what your idealogy(ies) is or are!
As you ponder on your present position, pray for the mind of Christ to perfect you. Don't forget that perfection comes through obedience.

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Thursday, 4 October 2018

Panic! Prayer!! Peace!!!

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Panic! Panic!! Panic!!! 
Fear! Fear!! Fear!!! 

"It is evidential that Panic is linked with the neurones and the senses, having to quickly react to certain things or a defence action the brain puts in place to secure itself... Sometimes it could be overwhelming for the brain to handle, other times it could just cause the victim to make irrational decisions. This was evidently seen in the clash that happened within Jos North Metropolis"-Mr Onyeulor  Paul

 The events of the last few days, almost a week now, has made me realize a lot of things. And I must confess even after praying for peace on the Plateau, I seriously panicked.
 I've discovered fear has different kinds; Fear of Failing, Fear of Disappointment, Fear of Death(eternal condemnation), Fear of the Unknown etc. 
  On the 2nd of October, my panic heightened when four of my friends decided to leave the hostel to different parts of the town. These are friends I always rushed to for moral support. We encouraged each other Spiritually, Morally, Physically, Financially etc.  When they informed me of their going, I felt broken.
  All these while, I've been the one scared, afraid, "faithless" but seeing the ones who are always quick to say "Amipat, do not be afraid or have faith" leave, I had doubts. 
Were my friends scared of the unknown? Were they really going to leave us behind? If they leave, who am I to stay back?
Looking further I saw them leave. But  looking around me I saw a friend who couldn't just go probably because we stayed back. This made me think.
 It's actually easily said than done.
It's easy to tell others "All is Well" when deep down I'm yet to convince myself that "All is Truly Well". 
It's easy to tell one "Do not be Afraid" when deep down I'm in a state of fear. 
 It's easy to feel that since Mr J has told me to have Faith, Mr J has all the Faith or to feel Mr J is a man full of Faith but little do I know it's actually a trying time for Mr J. 
 After reading/hearing different messages/hearsays' my heart rate increased, fear and sadness crept in but later on I found peace after praying; The Rosary.
Recently a friend reminded me of what I once told someone "friends and family might not always be there, but JESUS will be always".
A particular friend these few days has really helped. Stays almost through the whole day and spends part of the evening with us ensuring we're all doing okay but definitely won't stay forever. After saying "goodnight" or "take care of yourselves", I feel fine knowing fully well that JESUS is with us always.
  Nowhere is actually safe; Only God can keep us safe.

Ms Okoko Patricia writes from Jos, Nigeria.

Friday, 28 September 2018

Bear With Me!

September 28, 2018 0
" We would willingly have others perfect and yet we do not amend our own faults"
~ Thomas Kempis
As I was pondering on Thomas' words, I came across Galatians 6; Saint Paul,  wrote extensively on bearing with one another. 
Often times, we are quick to lash rash judgements on someone's mistake. We act this way because, we feel that we're beyond such mistakes but see what Apostle Paul said, "brethren, if man be overtaken in a fault... restore such one... considering thyself, lest thou be tempted". So, encouraging someone who has fallen is of large benefit to us because it will teach us a lesson, since we don't have all the time in life to learn from our own experiences.
When we identify with a troubled fellow,  we don't just encourage ourselves but we also fulfill the law of Christ.
" Bear ye one another's burdens and so fulfill the Law of Christ ".
Be patient in bearing the defects and infirmities of others, be they what they may; because you also have many things which others have to bear. As,  I pen down this words, I'm reminiscing on the many times I've wanted others to bear with me but didn't do same.
Most times our mistakes are good in our own eyes; for instance, when I'm done with my blog drafts and the proof reading, I don't see mistakes but when I give Pat to edit, she sees errors to correct; our eyes are often blind to our own mistakes, we can even go about boasting on our flesh and it's abilities.
" For he that soweth to his flesh shall of the flesh reap corruption ".
(Cf Galatians 6:8)
Why do you overlook your imperfections and focus on making others perfect?
We keep malice most times because of our inability to bear with others. Amid our inabilities God keeps saying " neither do I condemn you". If God doesn't condemn us, we also ought to follow his way of life. Doing good is a privilege ( See Galatians 6:10 ).

Is in giving that we receive! Make out time to give your time and resources to those that are in need.
" Bear with the faults of others, as you expect them to bear with you! "

Thursday, 20 September 2018

G R A C E.

September 20, 2018 0
Wow!  It's seven days already, I'm happy having you on my blog again. Today, I'll be sharing with you what I learnt from Mogsinor Alex Rebello; he's a Catholic priest of the Archdiocese of Mumbai.
I'm going to share a life recipe with you, trusting God that the seeds will fall on a fertile soil.
G. R. A. C. E.
1. Giving:
The scripture taught us that it's in giving that we will receive,  in our everyday life; make out time to share your materials, intellect with others. In sharing we will get to learn!
" Freely give,  for freely you've received "
2. Reading:
When you read you get to share in the wealth of the author's experience and knowledge.
Make an intentional decision to be a reader like the Biblical Ezra ( Cf Ezra 7:8-10 ).
It's not all about buying books, but how well do you read and act on what you learnt.
" Study to show thyself approved ".
3. Awakening silence:
We are in a very noisy generation ( on and offline).  Wall gecko according to King Solomon is small but unusually wise;  silence is one of the wall gecko's qualities.
Jesus embibed this recipe throughout His stay on earth; as a follower of Jesus, you ought to do same.
It's not all about a silent external environment but a silent internal environment as well.
4. Contemplating on the Scriptures.
Giving a deep thought to the scriptures is very important. The wealth of one verse in the Bible cannot be exhausted at all. Also, many people miss out on their plans because they didn't take out time to contemplate and make the right decision.
5. Exercise.
Exercise is very important for person for healthy growth. Even as we exercise our physical body; our spirit needs exercise as well.Hence, Jesus advice that " Men ought to pray always " and Saint Paul adds,  " Pray without ceasing ".
Even as we pray, an athlete that raises 10000Kg does more exercise than the one that raises 10kg; therefore, as we're running this Christian race, we might encounter challenges if  we don't exercise more. Jesus said,  " ... but by prayer and fasting ".
As you start this weekend;
Embibe solitude!
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Friday, 14 September 2018

Incense and Tobacco II

September 14, 2018 0
Hey! If you missed part one click here.
" How can we who died to sin,  still live in it? ", that was how the part one of this series ended. Thanks for following!
Uncovering the 'mask' is very important! Most smokers of tobacco always cover the unpleasant smell from their body with perfume, they also mask their blood-shot eyes with sunglasses. Many a Christian cover up sins - especially secret sins: but remember that " He that sees in the secret will reward you ".
God is the 'rewarder' of activities of the secret place.  No matter how a smoker uses perfume and/or sunglasses to cover up; it doesn't stop him from having respiratory illness.
The purpose of this series is to help us eschew sin (secret sin) : because consistency in a life of sin creates a stronghold.
" Let my prayer rise like incense ", this was the cry of the psalmist. Truly, instead of a ' tobacco-filled ' life we need intimacy with God to assume an " incense-nature". I'll end this series with a discussion on intimacy.
" Walk ye in the spirit ".
I often thought that intimacy and closeness were identical if not very similar. But on reflection, I have come to realise that, though related, they remain definitely distinct. Intimacy comes from two Latin words " intimus " meaning that which is Innermost and ' intimare ' meaning To make known or publish. Hence, intimacy means unveiling what is innermost.
Unfortunately, by some strange quirk of language in today's parlance " intimacy " has acquired erotic overtones and is nuanced to mean sexual intercourse. Intimacy therefore really means self-disclosure or revelation, bringing to the surface that which is hidden deep within. Closeness on the other hand, defines where one is physically located with reference to one another.
To live a life of perpetual righteousness ( incense) you need an intimacy with God. A marriage with the Holy Ghost is of great effect because, "you shall all become one ".
Are you a friend of your Quiet Time with God?
Do we replace ( Incense)  prayer with ( tobacco) in seasons of pain?
Do you love God only during rosy moments?
I was taught in my human kinetics class that, people engage in the use of drugs ( tobacco - Sin ) because they want to escape from the troubles of life.
" Cast all your cares on Him "!
Friendship cannot be planned or programmed. But once they begin, they demand interest, improvement and investments. Our prayer life and friendship with God mature and mellow with time.
" It's a terrible thing to fall into the hands of God "(Heb 10:31) says scripture: but it is far worse to fall outside, so... " choose life so that you and your seed will live ".

Friday, 31 August 2018

Incense And Tobacco

August 31, 2018 2
" The angels will come out and separate the evil from the righteous " ( cf Matthew 13:49)
Hey! It's really been awhile!  I hope you're still on track with God! I wanted to title this as the mystery of incense and tobacco. Mystery! Let me just leave it at that: this is the preamble of this series and I pray you'll be blessed.
For the sake  of this series: Let's assume that Incense is sacred while Tobacco is Secular, Incense is of the temple and tobacco is of the ' streets '. One of the notable similarities between the two is that both produce smoke but incense produces an appealing fragrance while smoke suffocates the inhabitants.
One of the problems of the Christendom is an unhealthy mixture of the two or  what Revelation 3:15 calls '... you're neither cold nor hot '.
Scriptures made it clear that you cannot serve two masters at a time, and if at all you attempt it He... will spew you out of (His)  mouth '.
 Both incense and tobacco produces smoke, Yes!  They have similarities but the aren't the same ' no wonder, for even Satan disguises himself as an angel of Light '(cf II Corinthians 11:14) but to keep Satan from gaining the advantage over us,  God has helped us and we are not ignorant of his schemes ( II Corinthians 2:11). Satan can go an extra mile to decorate sin and make it look more attractive than righteousness: his ability to disguise himself as an angel of light.
Have you been sitting on the fence?
Are you Born Again yet a carnal man?
The reason, or one of the reasons why incense should be prioritised above tobacco is because,  Jesus said, ' my kingdom is not of this world '.
Don't allow Satan to talk theology and make sin attractive.
' The root of sin ', Oswald Chambers says,  ' is the suspicion that God is not good '.
Zoology teaches that, bats feed and excrete through the mouth: anytime you act hypocritical : It is just a thin line that differentiates you from a bat and don't forget,  bat stinks!
So,  Repent! " I set before you life (Righteousness -' Incense') and death ( Sin-'Tobacco') but I advice you to choose life so that you and you seed will live."

" The biggest problem of the Body of Christ in one word is the flesh "
~ Apostle Joshua Selman Nimmak
 "What shall we say then?  Are we to continue in sin that grace may abound? By no means! How can we who died to sin still live in it? 

         (Cf Roman's 6:1-2)
~ Lord!  Create in me a clean heart.
 I was going through a lot and God led me to my discipler: Dr Sarah Modupe: She helped and is still helping me. Ma'am, thanks for been there, your advice inspired this post.